How to manually install Wordpress?

You may have tried to use Softaculous app installer to get wordpress , and wp-admin is not working , one of solutions is to manually install wordpress :

And we gonna do it in 3 easy steps :

  1. Upload WordPress : 

    Get it from the official website here and download it to your PC :

    Now go to File Manager, inside public_html you either : 

           • Upload directly [ in case you want wordpress in www.yourwebsite.domain ]

           • Create a folder [ in case you want wordpress in www.yourwebsite.domain/FolderName ] 

  2. Create a database :

    Head to your cPanel and search for MySQL Databases :

    Type in your Database name  : 

    Create a New User :

    Add this User to the Database :

    And that's it !!

  3. Install WordPress :

    Now we arrive at the last part of the tutorial : 

    Extract the zip you uploaded on step1 and you'll see a folder like this : 

    Now run the WordPress installation script by accessing the URL in a web browser. This should be the URL where you uploaded the WordPress files :

          • If you installed WordPress in the root directory, you should visit: www.yourwebsite.domain 

          • If you installed WordPress in its own subdirectory called FolderName, for example, you should visit: www.yourwebsite.domain/FolderName

    When it comes to DB info you refer to what you made in Step 2.

    And that's it, just follow the steps and your WordPress website should be on!
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